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Why does PCB production need to be assembled?

2021-09-27 09:45:57   Visit:78

In the general pcba processing, the circuit board production will carry out a splicing operation, whether it is the smt patch factory or the PCB design link, everyone needs to increase the board edge. The purpose of this process is to increase the patch processing Productivity. Because the track of the placement machine has a maximum and minimum size restrictions, for example, the largest can pass through the board with a size of 570mm*750mm, and the smallest can pass through the size of 350mm*400mm. It’s not too much to exceed or too small.

You can find this if you often go to the SMT production workshop. Moreover, in the SMT process, the most labor-hour consumption is the link of solder paste printing. First of all, the time to remove the solder paste printing and programming is not to mention, that is, the process of brushing the solder paste regardless of the size of the PCB, so in order to ensure that the solder paste can be evenly coated on the PCB pad paper, the time required for its printing must be guaranteed 20s up and down, because by contrast, when the placement machine is performing component placement, several components can be placed in one second.


If you do not join the board, even the size of a single board can pass the track of the placement machine. And choosing 1pcs, 1pcs, and 1pcs to grind slowly will not only waste the production capacity of the placement machine, but also irresponsible for the production efficiency. So if we put together 10pcs, 20pcs,... and so on. In this way, the through rate of PCB light board printing solder paste and SMT chip placement in a short time can be improved. There is less line change and less time for the circuit board to flow on the track, which naturally improves efficiency. This maximizes the utility of a single device and enhances the company's profitability.

In addition, PCB puzzle has another cost-saving benefit for processing plants, because after PCBA processing is completed, a lot of testing and assembly are required, such as burn-in testing, burn-in testing, ICT testing, signal testing, etc., then in production The circulation time in the workshop is relatively long, and there is also a big requirement for the storage space after the patch processing. If it is a jigsaw storage, maybe there are not so many pallets, and the board test can be done, and the board can be saved. The man-hours wasted in picking and placing the jig.

After our entire analysis, do you have any other questions about why our PCB production needs to be assembled?