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TV circuit board proofing

2021-09-27 09:28:51   Visit:74

  Definition of TV set: TV set refers to a device that uses electronic technology to transmit active image pictures and audio signals based on the persistence of human eyes and visual psychology. It is called "TV receiver" and is also an important broadcast and video communication tool. The basic system of the camera is composed of three parts: camera, transmission and display. Recently, a friend asked how much PCS is required for TV circuit board proofing, and how much does it cost to customize TV circuit boards. On this issue, the editor will explain to you today. First of all, about the number of TV circuit boards proofing, this is mainly based on It is determined by customer needs. Of course, the more the quantity, the better the price. This is undeniable. Then what are the factors that affect the customized price of circuit boards:

1: Sheets, common sheets include 22f cardboard, 94v0 semi-glass fiber board, led aluminum substrate, FR4 full glass fiber board, etc. The higher the level, the higher the cost of customization.

2: Process, the same parameters of immersion gold are more expensive per square meter than spray tin 100/square, tin spraying is almost the same as OSP (the solder mask ink has no special requirements, and usually no extra fee will be charged)

3: board thickness, the same process 2.0mm is 50/square more expensive than 1.6 board thickness, conventional The board thickness defaults to 1.0-1.6mm.

4: Quantity, the more customized the quantity, the more affordable the price, the unit + engineering fee + test fee for less than 3 square meters, the unit price for more than three square meters + test rack fee.

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