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Teflon circuit board application field

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Teflon circuit board, also known as "high frequency circuit board", refers to high-frequency devices produced on a specific high-frequency substrate copper clad laminate with reference to the common FR4 rigid printed board manufacturing process. The choice of high-frequency board is mainly considered Factors include dielectric constant and tolerance (Dk), loss factor (Df), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), peel strength (Peel Strength), water absorption (Water Abs), and currently common Teflon circuit board sheets on the market include There are: Rogers Teflon (Rogers Teflon) sheet, Taconic Teflon (Taconic Teflon). Rogers and Taconic Teflon sheet, etc.

Main application areas of Teflon circuit boards:   1. High-frequency signal transmission electronic products, which are related to radio electromagnetic waves. It is a product that transmits signals with sine waves, such as radar, radio and television, and communications;   2, high-speed logic signals Transmission electronic products, which are transmitted by digital signals, are also related to the square wave transmission of electromagnetic waves. This type of products began to be mainly used in computers, computers and other applications, and has been rapidly applied to home appliances and communication electronic products. NS.

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